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About Us

Turetsky Consulting LLC was founded in 2020 to provide business consulting on Analytics, HR Processes, and Rewards. Located in Franklin, MA and Victoria, BC, Turetsky Consulting works to help our clients solve business problems every day. Many current Human Resource organizations believe that People Analytics are complex and optional. The fact is that ALL companies use People Analytics every day, but they get them through other means.

Typically, companies get feeds of their people data from their HR systems using reporting tools. They dump this data to spreadsheets where they do all sorts of transforms and clean-up processes. At the end of the day, they measure aspects of their people operations to make assertions including turnover, growth, cost, and engagement. These are People Analytics.

What do we do?

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What we do

People Analytics

  • Organizational and BU goal setting
  • Review and correct People Analytics tool configuration
  • People Analytics organizational design or build out
  • Audience insight review
  • Dashboard development by user category
  • Change management support

HRMS Support

  • Historical data review and correction
  • Process review and reconfiguration
  • Review and correct system configuration
  • HRMS table optimization
  • HRMS/HR Tech strategy review 

Workforce Planning

  • Strategy design
  • Implementation 
  • Change management to stakeholders


  • Compensation management design, implementation and change management
  • Compensation market analysis and benchmarking 


  • Data audit before diversity analyses 
  • Consulting on Diversity metrics through your HRMS and other enterprise data

Thought leadership

  • Webinar development and performance
  • Conference speaking/keynotes 
  • White paper development and writing
  • Book chapter development and writing


  • We will work with you to design and plan for your new analytical capabilities
  • Design and development will use the agile process to ensure expectations are met accurately and on-time

HR Data Labs podcast

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Episode 1
HR Data is Flawed!

“The use of HR data needs to be thought of with kind of the ‘art and not a science’ technique. We need to think of it as a way of being able to drive insight out of HR processes… “ – David Turetsky
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Episode 2
Integrating Statistical Expertise into HR Data

“Data is there to serve a purpose, but it should be questioned, it should be interrogated, and it should be challenged.” – Dr. Dawn H Nicholson


Norman Turetsky

Déjà Vu…. it’s Y2K again!

This is not a post about People Analytics, although it should be. I care about the people that read my blog posts and listen to the HR Data Labs podcast. But during this holiday season, after the year we have had, I wanted to write something very personal.

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