People and HR Analytics Consulting Services

what do we do?

Turetsky Consulting LLC was built on the principle that most organizations have the capabilities to accomplish their People Analytics goals, they just need a little nudge in the right direction. Our goal is to help our clients become analytics experts by teaching them how to fish in the sea of people insights.

We can help you by:
—Auditing your HR tech configuration
—Reviewing your HR Data’s fitness for analytics
—Demonstrating and reviewing your HR Analytics tools
—Designing dashboards to deliver insights to the right audiences

We strive to make sure you:
—Have confidence in your data
—Are comfortable with your setup
—Have a plan for delivering insights to your clients

We can help you make sense of your people data!

why do you need people analytics expertise?

What our clients are saying

HR Data Labs podcast

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Episode 1
HR Data is Flawed!

“The use of HR data needs to be thought of with kind of the ‘art and not a science’ technique. We need to think of it as a way of being able to drive insight out of HR processes… “ – David Turetsky
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Episode 2
Integrating Statistical Expertise into HR Data

“Data is there to serve a purpose, but it should be questioned, it should be interrogated, and it should be challenged.” – Dr. Dawn H Nicholson

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