Who We Are

Turetsky Consulting LLC was founded in 2020 to provide business consulting on Analytics, HR Processes, and Rewards. We focus on getting data, structures, and training in order to make the resulting insights accurate. We empower HR teams to automate instead of using manual efforts to get answers to the business questions leaders require.

Turetsky Consulting focuses on getting answers that organizations need by demystifying People Analytics.

Meet Our Team

David B Turetsky

Managing Consultant

David has over 30 years of experience starting with an Economics and Econometrics degree from the Pennsylvania State University.

“I love helping people.  Whether it is rebuilding a job table, matching jobs to a compensation survey, helping to build the right people analytics strategy or working with managers and leaders to understand how to leverage people analytics in their daily lives.  That a-ha moment is thrilling and drives everything I do.  There’s a principle I live by, it’s to treat people with respect and help them live and work better, every day.” – David B Turetsky

Dino Zincarini

Principal Consultant

Dino has a remarkable background with over 20 years of experience starting from an Economics and Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo.

“It was really serendipitous. I wish I could say that I engineered it from the beginning, but I just studied what I liked. But coming out into the working world in the ’90s, it was a time when companies were acknowledging that they had massive troves of data, which could be an asset, and wondering how they can put it to work and how to extract that value, and that was the data warehousing boom that started in the business intelligence boom, and I got in on that, and that’s where I built my career from.” – Dino Zincarini

Lori Craig

Director of Partnerships

Lori’s degree in business administration has led her to a 20 year career selling B2B with large organizations.  

“I’ve always had an affinity for helping people. My genuine interest in collaborating to collectively help our clients understand and solve their business challenges is what motivates me every day.  For organizations, the pool is deep when it comes to understanding their people data. I look forward to working side by side with each and every partner to guide our mutual clients as they navigate the data that will significantly impact and drive their people strategy.” – Lori Craig

John Tardy


John has over 25 years of experience in data and technology.  He has engineering degrees from Rutgers University and an MBA from Georgia Tech.

I have a passion for delivering value through technology, data analytics, and business intelligence projects.  I am driven by my curiosity and a desire to solve problems and help others.  My nature is to collaborate with others and lead teams and organizations to achieve their goals.  I have led global HR implementations and implemented self-service initiatives.  Today there is an incredible opportunity for HR to use data and analytics to help people and organizations be their best.” – John Tardy

Dwight Brown


Dwight has more than 23 years of experience starting with a Bachelors in Spanish and a Masters in International Management from the University of St. Thomas.

I am driven by analytics.  As a dyed-in-the-wool analytics nerd, I love helping organizations develop the insights they need to drive success.  I am passionate about using my experience in managing initiatives across all stages of the analytics continuum to help illuminate important answers to key business questions. I look forward to using this drive and passion to help organizations ideate and implement People Analytics solutions!” – Dwight Brown

Karissa Harris

Marketing Coordinator

Karissa has an Associate’s Degree from Front Range Community College and is currently in her senior year at Colorado State University Global majoring in Marketing with a specialization in Digital Marketing. 

My goal is to give clients a great experience. By using integrated marketing communications and my background in administration I help the business run smoothly and communicate its value to prospects and clients. Turetsky offers expertise to help clients optimize their people analytics for better HR outcomes. My job is make sure everyone who could benefit from these services has that opportunity. By improving and promoting the Turetsky Consulting brand, I am helping prospects have a clearer picture of what they stand to gain by partnering with this hardworking team.” – Karissa Harris

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