What We Discover When We Listen

When we are sick, we listen to our bodies telling us we need help from a doctor, dentist or medication.  When we need help with money, we go to the bank (or bank of dad/mom).  When we need help at work, we should be listening to the people around us for inspiration, assistance or just nice thoughts.

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Cybersecurity in the World of HR Analytics

In recent years companies have ramped up their Information Security resources.  While this is good, having an Information Security department can lull others in organizations into a false sense of security, thinking someone else has it handled. 

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People Analytics Applications: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Let’s say your organization has bought into the idea of building a people analytics capability. Great! First step is to start shopping for tools right? That was my thinking as well. Full disclosure…I’ve spent most of my career working for software companies that build and sell analytics tools.

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