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What We Discover When We Listen

When we are sick, we listen to our bodies telling us we need help from a doctor, dentist or medication.  When we need help with money, we go to the bank (or bank of dad/mom).  When we need help at work, we should be listening to the people around us for inspiration, assistance or just nice thoughts.

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Cybersecurity in the World of HR Analytics

In recent years companies have ramped up their Information Security resources.  While this is good, having an Information Security department can lull others in organizations into a false sense of security, thinking someone else has it handled. 

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The Great Resignation

We are entering into a period of time where people are voluntarily leaving their jobs at rates not seen in years.  What can be done?

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People Analytics Applications: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Let’s say your organization has bought into the idea of building a people analytics capability. Great! First step is to start shopping for tools right? That was my thinking as well. Full disclosure…I’ve spent most of my career working for software companies that build and sell analytics tools.

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What Makes a Good Analyst, Anyway?

What makes a good Analyst? Analyst is a very broad term used differently in every organization and job. But when you think of an Analyst what are the key attributes you think of? So often job descriptions and hiring managers focus only on technical skills. The ability to write kick-ass queries and wrangle data like nobody’s business.

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Using Analytics to Measure Employee Experience Impact on Profit– Guest Blog by Pat Acheampong

Employee Experience (EX), it’s one of the latest buzzwords in the employee culture, engagement, and wellbeing space. EX has been credited with everything from improving shareholder value to increasing business revenue, while reducing employee turnover, and customer churn. But how does this value get quantified for business executives using metrics they appreciate?

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Getting Started with People Analytics

One of the biggest challenges with any project is figuring out what steps to take to get started. If you know you need or want a people analytics capability you may already be sold on the value, but what should you focus on first? How do you build out your plan and who do you get involved? Often good ideas never get off the ground due to the overwhelming nature of the first few steps. We are here to help you out!

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Big Value From Small Data – Guest Blog by John Tardy

Big data gets a lot of attention and is a game-changer for many use cases. Big data is not really a classification of data, but is about tools and techniques used to deal with data that is high volume, is generated at a high velocity, or has a high variety in its structure.

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Data is the Basis of Benefits

While creating, revising and deploying employee benefits programs, it’s important to give some thought to the data behind the program. Leveraging your benefits data can help you see the big picture of what your people need from their benefits package.

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Data Governance: The Art of Good Data

Data governance. Some think of it as the Ambien of the Analytics world. Guaranteed to put most people to sleep. Let’s face it— data governance is seldom fun. It’s not sexy, it’s not a bright shiny thing, and there’s seldom an adrenaline rush. But it is OH SO necessary in Analytics.

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Norman Turetsky

Déjà Vu…. it’s Y2K again!

This is not a post about People Analytics, although it should be. I care about the people that read my blog posts and listen to the HR Data Labs podcast. But during this holiday season, after the year we have had, I wanted to write something very personal.

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