Could there be an upside to this crazy, mixed-up world we now live in?

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Yeah, we are tired of Covid-19 related stories, but what about the upside? Maybe, we can finally see what we have neglected, or I can see what I have neglected for so long… Stepping outside every day, smelling the Spring air. Walking through nature… with my son.

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I have connected with my son again in ways that I am partly ashamed of. Why didn’t I take him for hikes before? Why didn’t we go out and throw the football or play street hockey? Not that I NEVER did these things before, but why not regularly?

The answer is that I was always working. Always too busy when he was home from school. That seems like a joke now that he is home, working on schoolwork in the next room and I am working hard to get a business off the ground. So, now I need to work harder and try harder. There needs to be a happy medium. Work-life balance is a thing!

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So now I will try harder, and I will dedicate part of my day to hanging out with my son. Whether it’s hiking, hockey, skating, playing Just Dance (2017,2018, 2020) on the WiiU, or just watching Lego Masters (yeah Tyler and Amy). I will do better at being a Dad to my kids not living with me, like seeing them on FaceTime more often with longer conversations that probe into how they are dealing with this craziness.

Maybe throughout this crazy, messed-up world we are living in right now, one good outcome is that we may appreciate what we have and who we have right now; not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Because of the recognition of the frailty of life, maybe tomorrow is here today. Maybe we need to appreciate what we have right now and this would be an awesome lesson to learn.

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Stay safe while you live on.

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