Dino Zincarini, Welcome to Turetsky Consulting LLC

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Dino Zincarini has joined Turetsky Consultingto help clients define, deliver and measure the impact of using their data to improve business and people outcomes.

Dino has recently been focused on the application and interpretation of people data to solve business problems and ensure business strategy turns into tangible results. With over 20 years of experience of helping companies turn their data into an asset, Dino will be bringing his expertise to driving greater adoption of analytics and workforce planning solutions to his clients. With roles spanning management consulting, software sales, customer support and product management he has been on both the product and service side of the technology business and hence has a broad range of perspectives to share with his clients.

Welcome Dino, our clients will really benefit from your experience and awesome approach to solving business problems.

Please join me in wishing Dino well.

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