HR Data Labs – Season 1 – Episode 12 – Mick Collins – Closing the Workforce Analytics Execution Gap by Using Data to Challenge Conventional Wisdom

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This episode features fascinating insights from Mick Collins. Mick is the Vice President for the People Analytics products at SAP/SuccessFactors; overseeing the go-to-market for these solutions.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to your input and feedback.

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Welcome to the new year! I hope all of you are well. As we get back into the flow of things, we have with us, Mick Collins. His background is in HR analytics research and consulting, with a multi-year stint in corporate strategy research. His areas of interest pertaining to analytics story-telling, decision-making, and building HR capabilities for analytics.

Let’s dive right in and learn how Mick closes the workforce analytics gap using data to challenge conventional wisdom.

[00:01 – 03:45] Opening Segment 

  • Let’s get to know Mick Collins
  • Mick gives some background on his work 

[03:46 – 12:28] How to Get People to Move Beyond the Gap 

  • Mick talks about how to overcome the gap by defining the issues
  • Mick gives advice on how to help clients come out with a governance structure
  • How the future of HR will be affected by the SEC 

[12:29 – 23:11] Telling a Compelling Story that Matters

  • Mick’s insights and experience around storytelling in Data and People Analytics 
  • Giving good presentations despite the lack of certainty 
  • The level of risk HR should be taking 
  • Sharing passion with teams 

[23:12 – 34:24] Using Data to Investigate Low Visibility Issues in HR 

  • Mick talks about unique issues that he’s been analyzing 
  • Next-generation metrics 
  • Challenging conventional wisdom through analytics
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the business culture

[34:25 – 37:44] Closing Segment

  • Summarizing our discussion today
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I love the storytelling aspects [of data analytics]… Really where the rubber hits the road is when you teach people how to interpret the data and then ultimately take action.” – Mick Collins

“HR is expected to have 100% definitive conclusions and causations… We don’t have the perfect science, but if we don’t make decisions based on data we’re gonna be no better off in the future than we are today.” – Mick Collins

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” – Mick Collins

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