HR Data Labs – Season 1 – Episode 16 – Jason Averbook – Shifting from Counting People to Making People Count: Blending Science and Humanity

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This episode features my friend and HR Industry luminary, Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen. Jason and I explore the real reason why our people data matters in making a difference in the business world. I hope you enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to your input and feedback.

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As a leading analyst, thought leader, and consultant in the area of human resources, Jason Averbook is passionate about the future of work and the impact technology has on that future. Jason, CEO of Leapgen, has more than 25 years of experience in the HR and technology industries and has collaborated with industry-leading companies in transforming their HR organizations into strategic partners by broadening executive mindsets to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services. He has also authored two books surrounding HR. 

Let’s jump right in and learn more about blending science and humanity and making people count with Jason.

[00:01 – 11:00] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Jason Averbook
  • Jason gives some background on himself and what makes him tick
  • Our topic for the day – the importance of making your counts count 

[11:01 – 25:21] What it Means to Make People Count

  • Jason talks about the meaning and importance of counting people 
  • Shifting our mindsets with proof
  • The importance of marketing yourself 

[25:22 – 37:07] Getting Analytics to Catch On

  • Jason talks about why analytics hasn’t caught on yet 
  • Hands, Heads, and Hearts 
  • The importance of impact and language 

[37:08 – 41:52] Closing Segment

  • Summarizing our discussion today
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Technology is pacing and lapping readiness in organizations… There’s a lot of work to do here” – Jason Averbook
  • “Are you the type of HR leader who wants your function looking in a mirror, or looking through a window?” – Jason Averbook
  • “Data analytics and intelligence have to be part of the transformation…” – Jason Averbook

Resources Mentioned: 

●      HR from Now to Next

●      The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience

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