HR Data Labs – Season 1 – Episode 18 – Christy Brown – The Use of Analytics in Building the Next Big Idea

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This episode features my great friend, Christy Brown, President and CEO of Launchpad2x. Christy and I discuss how to practically use workforce analytics to drive entrepreneurs towards their next Big Idea. I hope you enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to your input and feedback.

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With a passion to help women grow to the “20 Million Dollar Mindset,” Christy Brown became the new President and CEO of Launchpad2x. As an entrepreneur, CEO, Coach, and Founder, Christy people, especially women, find their voice as CEO’s and setting up long-term legacies for their businesses.

With skills in talent acquisition & management, organizational needs analysis, strategic planning, management development, team expansion, technology solutions, and so many more analytical spaces, Christy has many insights into the “Idea” Market.

Let’s dive into Christy’s wealth of knowledge and experience and learn the use of analytics in building the next big ideas.

[00:01 – 05:01] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Christy Brown
  • Christy talks about Launchpad and what they do
  • Today’s topic

[05:02 – 17:18] Using Analytics to Build Out Ideas Towards the Marketplace

  • Christy talks about the startup market and market fit
  • Maturing and improving using data analytics
  • “Gig Work” vs. “Return to work” 

[17:19 – 28:15] Ventures into People Data & People Analytics

  • Christy gives her insights into data ventures and their uses 
  • The new cultural norms around infiltration and exfiltration 
  • Updating and accessing new tech and data 

[28:16 – 32:22] Advice Around New Ideas in Analytics

  • Christy shares her wisdom and resources to grow
  • Examples in using measurements 

[32:23 – 35:21] Closing Segment

  • Summarizing our discussion today
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“You’re constantly questioning who your customer is to determine product-market fit, and there’s no other way to achieve that but through analytics and data.” – Christy Brown

“We’ve got to create some good operational synthesis around what your marketing and sales objectives are and I think just kind of knowing your strengths help with that.” – Christy Brown

“Act and avoid second-guessing yourself… Know your company’s value! Know the investability and the defensibility of it… and play to win!” – Christy Brown

Resources Mentioned: 

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