HR Data Labs – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Ian Cook – Regulation S-K: What it is and Why you should listen to this NOW!

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This episode is special as it focuses on a new regulation that revolutionizes how public companies report to the SEC. My guests are Dino Zincarini of Turetsky Consulting and Ian Cook from Visier.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to your input and feedback.

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Episode Summary

With the new Regulation S-K being based on submitting disclosure of material issues for FY 2020, where do we start? To answer that question we are welcoming back Dino Zincarini and introducing Ian Cook. Dino, as you may remember, is a passionate HR Technologist who works with me. Ian is an advocate for the crucial role that people play in helping companies thrive. Working with Visier, Ian leads the thought leadership of their market-leading solution.

Let’s dive into the new Regulation S-K and why it’s important that we learn and apply it now.

[00:01 – 03:42] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Dino and Ian
  • Ian gives a bit of background on himself and today’s topic

[03:43 – 11:25] Summary of Regulation S-K and Why it’s Urgent 

  • Ian breaks down the why the S-K needs to be applied now 
  • What makes S-K different from other SEC requirements 
  • So what rules do we need to start following? The people element of disclosure

[11:26 – 18:01] What to Share With Internal Leaders Based on These External Disclosures

  • Ian talks about what to disclose internally to managers and why 
  • The skills we need now as HR managers and how to get them

[18:02 – 23:52] Where to Begin, Based on Submitting Material Issues for FY 2020

  • Ian talks about where to go in order to get the information needed to follow through
  • Finding the right people for balancing risk 
  • Tying HR directly to the business 

[23:53 – 27:18] Closing Segment

  • Summary of our conversation 
  • How this affects investor share price 
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s not just that you’ve got to work out how to follow what’s being specified, you actually have to work out what you should be disclosing to minimize your risk… there’s a lot of nuance in exactly how you disclose.” – Ian Cook

“Get stuff out of the way, get focused, get going!” – Ian Cook

“It’s time to free up the people in HR who know the data really well and then match them with people who understand people analytics, and get the party started.” – Dino Zincarini

Connect with Dino on LinkedIn.

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn. Visit to learn more about their industry leading People Analytics Technology.


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