HR Data Labs – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Dwight Brown – The Role of Data Governance in Analytics

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Today, we talk to my friend Dwight Brown, from Turetsky Consulting about the ins and outs of Data Governance in the world of Analytics. Careful here, we get passionate and irreverent a lot! I hope you have as much fun listening as we did in recording this episode.


You can’t have analytics without Data Governance, and data governance can be the difference between good data and bad data. Dwight Brown is a self-professed ‘data geek’ who is a part of our very own Turetsky Consulting bringing over 22 years of healthcare experience at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Over half his career was spent in Analytics leadership positions, including Manager of Quality Analytics, and Director of Analytics Operations. He is an industry thought leader who is well-versed in all stages of the Analytics cycle but especially in Data Governance. 

Let’s dive right in and learn more about your most valuable asset; the role of Data Governance in analytics!

This show is brought to you by Turetsky Consulting LLC. Our company provides business consulting on Analytics, HR Processes, and Rewards with a focus on getting answers that organizations need by demystifying People Analytics.  

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