HR Data Labs – Season 2 – Episode 7 – Steve MacDonell – People Want People Analytics, But Have No Idea What it Is

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Have you ever worked with people who are scared of numbers but still want them? Steve McDonell jumped into the world of People Analytics after being a CIO for several years. As CIO, his role was to help clients understand the need for people analytics and how to adopt them as a part of their business strategy. In his work he found that there was one common thing amongst the clients, people want people analytics, but they really have no idea what it is or what it means, and in some cases even fear it. 

Let’s dive in and learn how we can present People Analytics in a way that is less intimidating and more intuitive.

This show is brought to you by Turetsky Consulting LLC. Our company providing business consulting on Analytics, HR Processes, and Rewards with a focus on getting answers that organizations need by demystifying People Analytics.  

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