HR Data Labs – Season 3 – Episode 5 – Stacey Harris – HR Tech 2021 Series – HR Technology: Past, Present, and Future

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As the Chief Research Officer, Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group, Stacey Harris oversees industry research work including the Annual HR Systems Survey and White Paper. She has been a leading member of the HR practices and technology research community since 2007 and has produced groundbreaking research on high-impact HR organizations, enterprise HR technology, and key practices across the talent management spectrum.  

Stacey has had executive-level roles with Sierra-Cedar, Bersin & Associates, and Brandon Hall Group, and she has worked as an industry advisor and HR leader for Fortune 100 organizations around the world. She is frequently included in Human Resource Executive® and the HR Technology Conference’s Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list and sits on the International Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) Board of Directors, overseeing strategy and education in her role as Vice-Chair. Stacey is also the author of Introduction to HR Technologies: Understand How To Use Technology to Improve Performance and Processes. 

In this episode, Stacey talks about her thoughts on HR Technology of the past, present, and future.

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