HRMS Support

Historical data review and correction

  • When was the last time you reviewed the historical data in your HRMS?  Does it make sense today?  
  • Are you carrying around debt from the past that makes no sense to carry today?  
  • Did you ever ask: “When was the last time we looked at this crap?”  
  • Believe us, when you move to a new HRMS/ERP, you will want to have had a modern look at that old data.

Process review and reconfiguration

  • When was the last time your HRMS processes been configured around your current HR processes?  Has nothing changed? Really?
  • We can audit your HRMS around each HR process to ensure alignment.  
  • If documentation is not accurate, we can help you put them in place.

Review and correct system configuration

  • Action/Action Reason Codes, yes they still exist.  When did you review these?  Recently?  No?  Well, your ability to measure your transactions are directly related to your ability to know what’s going on in your people data.  If these codes are not modern, then your conclusions could be based on “Termination” as being a Termination Reason.  That’s not going to be very helpful in a Termination Reasons metric.  We will work with you to review your setup tables to make sure that these structures still make sense.

HRMS table optimization

  • Job Tables… I could just stop there.  Most of our clients have 5 to 10 times the number of ACTIVE job codes in their job table structure just because they haven’t reviewed them in forever.
  • Job Codes can tell you many things about a job including function, level, skills, etc.  How were your job codes constructed?  Were you even there when they were built?  Do they serve the purposes of your current requirements? 

HRMS/HR Tech strategy review

  • We partner with the best… Marc S. Miller can be brought in to help you with a review of your HRMS strategy and provide a unique perspective on your current and future requirements.  
  • Sapient Insight Group produces HR Technology research for you to use in developing your view into strategy for the future.

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