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It’s been 8 months of Turetsky Consulting LLC and in that time, we have built a consulting company that I am very proud of. We have helped many clients along their people analytics journey. We have blogged about many important topics, created a podcast with great guests and listeners from places around the World, and created partnerships with companies looking to help their clients on People Analytics and Rewards. We also added a brilliant mind to help our clients, Dino Zincarini!

Today, we welcome a new era to Turetsky Consulting LLC with a new website. Thanks to Farjana Soud, TuretskyConsulting.com is a vibrant, new professional website. We hope it helps our current and future clients to find what they came looking for. Let me know what you think in the comments.

What do you think of the new TuretskyConsulting.com?
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