Data Optimization

Your analytics will only be as good as the data that underlies your analyses.  We will review your data being laser focused on only that data that will power your metrics.  This audit will extend to the HRMS tables that are the backbone of the views we will be using for the demographic analyses such as: location, job, hierarchy, EEO.  This is a good first step for any people analytics consulting project.

Organizational and BU goal setting

  • We will work with each of your partners in your organization and Business Unit clients to gather their people analytics requirements and find out the common and unique goals.   
  • We will document those needs and develop an organizational people reporting and analytics strategy.

Review and correct People Analytics tool configuration

Is your people analytics tool new or has it been many months since it was originally configured?  We have seen analytics be consumed without a thorough review of the configuration of the tools used for analysis.  It’s like driving a car that hasn’t ever had an oil change, tires rotated or a safety inspection.  It might drive, but not well.  You are trusting the results from its analyses, make sure  that your people analytics tools are configured appropriately and optimized for your organization.

People Analytics organizational design or build out

“Where do we start?”  That’s what some clients ask when starting on the road to building a people analytics capability.   Who to hire, what skills, what roles, where do they report? All great questions.  The answers depend on your organizational alignment, your corporate culture and your HR technology stack.  We work with you and your leadership to understand how they all come together to point to the options.

Audience insight review

Let’s look at the metrics and data that are being served to your clients.  What are they seeing and is it appropriate.  Do they have the data they need or are they seeing things that don’t tell them stories relevant to their jobs.

Dashboard development by user category

Let’s review the sets of metrics that make up the dashboards each of your user types have access to.

Change management support

Whether it is the development of product documentation, user guides, webinars for your user groups or you need an adoption guidebook… ask us.  We have built them before.