The HR Data Labs Podcast

Here’s an experiment for you:

  • Take passionate experts in Human Resource Technology,
  • Invite cross-industry experts from inside and outside HR,
  • Mix in what’s happening in people analytics today,
  • Give them the technology to connect,
  • Hit record,
  • Pour their discussions into a beaker,
  • Mix thoroughly, and…
  • Voila… you get the HR Data Labs podcast where we explore the impact of data and analytics to your business.

Every episode will feature a rockstar inside or outside the field of Human Resources to provide us with the inside scoop on how the world of HR Technology is evolving through the use of Data and People Analytics. The podcast will be roughly 30 minutes.  We value your time and the time of our guests.

Topics include:

  • Data Quality
  • HR Processes
  • HR Technology and innovations
  • Integrations
  • Analytics tools and techniques
  • Benchmarking and surveys
  • Data relevance
  • Statistical methods
  • Regulations and laws affecting you and your business

If you have a topic you would like to hear on the Podcast, please email us at Topics.HRDataLabs@turetskyconsulting.com.

The list of guests grows every day. We already have many people from HR, Finance, IT, and business operations signed up to be guests. If you want to be a guest, please send us an email at Guest.HRDataLabs@turetskyconsulting.com.

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Podcast Episode Blog Posts

HR Data Labs – Episode 23 – The Return on Investment of Data Science in People Analytics

Sometimes you have conversations with people where you can tell you are on the same pathways. You will hear in this episode that Abhishek Goel and I found common ground on the need to develop the ROI for People Analytics processes, teams and efforts. Without having good goals and measurements for People Analytics, it is typically hard to justify the cost to senior leadership. I hope you have as much fun listening as we did in recording this episode.

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HR Data Labs – Episode 21 – Pay Transparency

In this episode, we talk about a critically important topic of Pay Transparency with Ruth Thomas Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of Curo Comp. Our conversation talks about how being transparent on pay effects your employees and the business. I hope you enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to your input and feedback.

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