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 Here’s an experiment for you:

  • Take passionate experts in Human Resource Technology,
  • Invite cross-industry experts from inside and outside HR,
  • Mix in what’s happening in people analytics today,
  • Give them the technology to connect,
  • Hit record,
  • Pour their discussions into a beaker,
  • Mix thoroughly, and…
  • Voila… you get the HR Data Labs podcast where we explore the impact of data and analytics to your business.

Every episode will feature a rockstar inside or outside the field of Human Resources to provide us with the inside scoop on how the world of HR Technology is evolving through the use of Data and People Analytics. The podcast will be roughly 30 minutes.  We value your time and the time of our guests.

Topics include:

  • Data Quality
  • HR Processes
  • HR Technology and innovations
  • Integrations
  • Analytics tools and techniques
  • Benchmarking and surveys
  • Data relevance
  • Statistical methods
  • Regulations and laws affecting you and your business

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Podcast Episode Blog Posts

HR Data Labs – Season 2 – Episode 20 – Ian Cook – The Evolution of People Analytics From Research Group to Strategic Partner

Ian Cook is an advocate for the crucial role that people play in helping companies thrive. His career has focused on enabling people, teams and companies to perform at their best. For the last 15 years, Ian has been helping leaders elevate their HR strategies and programs through the effective use of People Analytics. At Visier, Ian led the development of their market-leading solution and now leads the overall strategy for the People Analytics business.

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HR Data Labs – Season 2 – Episode 19 – Al Adamsen – HR Tech 2021 Series – People Analytics: Past, Present, and Future

Al Adamsen is the founder and CEO of PAFOW (People Analytics and Future of Work), a company that organizes in-person events focusing on the world of people analytics and produces a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, and more. Al is a globally recognized thought leader, advisor, and educator in the areas of talent strategy, workforce planning & analytics, talent measurement, and organizational change. 

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