Compensation Management

  • We can design, implement and develop change management for your new compensation management strategy.
  • If there are process changes you require, we can review your structures and provide suggestions based on your business culture and strategies: 
    • Job Evaluation
    • Grading/Banding/Lattice
    • Salary Structure/Merit Matricies
    • Job Structures
    • Job  Titling
    • Salary Management
    • Short-Term or Long-Term Incentives

Compensation Market Analysis

  • If you are trying to benchmark one job or thousands.  
  • Match to a survey or find the right survey for your business, we can help you.  
  • Do you want to develop your own survey with very specific requirements? We can help you.
  • If you are looking for a compensation management application, we can help fit the best market options to you.

Change Management

  • We have developed management communications for base salary programs, short-term, long-term incentive programs.
  • Need us to develop or execute your webinars to major changes in compensation programs?  We can help.

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