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Just over 2 months ago, we started HR Data Labs as an experiment in bringing people together to talk about the world of Human Resources Data and Analytics. It was a way for us to express ourselves and our passion for HR Technology, and the trials and tribulations of people data management, measurement, and inference.

We talked about what our guests experiences have been with People Data and Analytics. We discussed how it has shaped the new world of business into a more measured and balanced, evidence-based decision making process using data that surrounds the people side of work. Along the way, we touched on interesting developments, new ways of thinking, new ways of learning, and new ways of measuring.

Upon reflection on the previous 10 episodes, I am very proud of the evolution of the podcast. I am even more excited for the next set of episodes that bring more fantastic guests with unique insights.

So, thank you to all who helped get us to where we are and where we will go…

Here’s to the next 500… and thank you.

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