Turetsky Consulting… a 1 year old with a birthday wish

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While birthdays are usually times for celebrations, cakes, gifts, and song… today, I just want to focus on the world around us.

The economy, the political situation, and of course, COVID-19 still dominate our world.

The business world has started to embrace People Analytics, and in a big way, but still many companies are dealing with so much disruption, that it stands in the way of their adoption and embrace of PA. We saw that this week, Nike continued to hire and add to their all star People Analytics and Workforce Strategy group. I hope that this is the start of a major change to how organizations value their investments in People Analytics.

For other companies, it is still “on the list” of priorities that need to be accomplished, but yet constantly gets reprioritized. “But, if not now, when?” Tomorrow seemingly never comes. This is an observation not a complaint, as we live in unprecedented times.

My wish for our second year is that we are too busy to answer the phones, or too busy to think about tomorrow. Too busy, because our prospects and clients have seen that there is no tomorrow. They realize that if we don’t take advantage of the plethora of signals, noise, insights, and trends in our data, others will. Any competitive advantage we may have had will be lost. It is there for us to grab now.

Where to begin? What is the right place to start? I say… make the call, send the email, make the text message to the senior-most person that is an influencer in your organization who can champion the use of People Analytics. That might be your CHRO, your CFO, your CIO, your COO, or even your CEO. Let them know that I told you to call. Blame me. Send them this:

“The leader of a People Analytics consulting firm said that today is the day that our company should start to leverage our greatest untapped asset for our business leaders… People Analytics. He believes that there is a gold-mine of insights in our people data that our leaders can leverage to make better business decisions and the time is now.

If you want to listen to his podcasts, where he has business leaders, HR influencers, and Analysts talk about how People Analytics can change how we do business, click here.

I would love to sit down and talk to you about this at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Your Name Here.”

Send that email, text or make that call and I promise you they will at least listen to you. Why? Because they know it’s true.

I hope by Turetsky Consulting’s next birthday, we are talking about how amazing 2021 was as the “Year of People Analytics.” Your strength, your drive, and your moxie will make it happen. Not us, no. We will help you light the spark… you will make it a great year and make me proud.

A huge thank you for helping Turetsky Consulting get to 1 year:

  • Dino Zincarini, Lori Craig, Dwight Brown, John Tardy
  • Our clients
  • Our partners
  • And, of course, my family

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