Turetsky Consulting adds Power BI consulting and development services

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In order to solve problems for our clients, sometimes you need to develop bespoke analytical solutions. To that end, Turetsky Consulting is now ready to offer Power BI consulting and development services to our clients.

Dino Zincarini, Principal Consultant said “Microsoft has made it much easier for developers to create end-to-end analytical applications. These tools are now readily available to provide our clients with flexible custom analytics tools to make their aspirations of adoption of people and business analytics real. It is easier now for clients that already leverage Office and Excel to continue to build on their Microsoft stack to be able to analyze and understand the stories hidden in their data.”

Dino added “These technology investments complement our consulting offerings, providing our clients with a one-stop-shop for People Analytics solutions.”

Turetsky Consulting LLC was founded in 2020 to provide business consulting on Analytics, HR Processes, and Rewards. Located in Franklin, MA and Victoria, BC, Turetsky Consulting works to help our clients solve business problems every day. For more information, please email info@turetskyconsulting.com or call +1(844)394-3792.

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